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When the best of people power is combined with the best of corporate power to form “Peers Inc” organizations a potent creative force is released. The “Inc” in these collaborations delivers the industrial strengths of significant scale and resources, and the “Peers” bring the individual strengths of localization, specialization, and customization together unlocking the power of the collaborative economy. When excess capacity is harnessed by the platform and diverse peers participate, a completely new dynamic is unleashed.

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Peers Inc will change our ideas about how the economy is shaped and will transform how we work, build businesses and crack pressing societal problems.
— Chris Anderson, author of The Long Tail
I can say without exaggeration that you have already been the most influential advisor we have had. We have some lovely people and some big names, but you’ve really hit the nail on the head in a way that’s set the company alight with inspiration and possibilities.
— Nadeem Mazen, Founder & CEO, danger!awesome
Clear-eyed, practical and radical insight from a visionary who has already built part of our future. This is just the beginning.
— Seth Godin, Author, It’s Your Turn
A remarkably comprehensive, and extremely clear, guide to the world’s new logic. I’m less interested in how these peer networks make money than in how they make change; as Robin Chase points out, if we’re going to fight climate change we’re going to need just about everyone engaged. Here’s a recipe!
— Bill McKibben, founder