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Craig Newmark wrote some nice words, when I was 2009 Time 100 Most Influential People: "Robin's work illustrates what's best about people using the Internet: not well-intentioned yet futile do-goodism but business that's also a community service. It's about people using the Internet to work together in the service of one another."

Nico Pitney did a great job interviewing me: A Revolutionary Entrepreneur On Happiness, Money, And Raising A Supermodel

This article in Inc magazine, “How I Survived a Huge Screwup” got a lot of attention. 


The Future of Self Driving Cars in Cities, June 2016, lays out what I think is in store for us if we 'wait-and-see' (Hell!) versus acting proactively (Heaven!).

Way back in 2007, I express my infatuation with mesh networks in this TED talk. Veniam is the direct result of this long-held dream about the ability to collaboratively build and collaboratively finance wireless infrastructure.

TED Global 2012 was my very first framing of Peers Inc and injects some reality into what it means to build a business on peer production.

Instead of reading the Peers Inc book, you can watch this high passion version (20 minutes) version I gave a the FUEL Vancouver conference. 

In 2011 I gave a lecture to students at the Founder Institute in Paris. It is my best synthesis about how to think about branding.


I've written some here and there for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Financial Times, and Wired, and blogged for myself, Linked In, and the National Journal. A few pieces are still worth reading:

"Self Driving Cars will Ruin our Cities if They Don't Improve Them" (Backchannel, 2016)
"Disrupted Transport will Be Better for Us in the End" (Financial Times, 2015)
"Will the future of Driverless Cars be Heaven or Hell?" (Atlantic Cities, 2014)
"Fossil Fuel is the New Slavery" (Huffington Post, 2010)
"Time for Cooperative Capitalism." (My blog, 2008)