I give a lot of talks.

About innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, transportation, cities, and climate change.

For a wide variety of institutions: GE, Fidelity, Cisco, Erikson, Associations (all kinds), Universities (everywhere), TED and ideas conferences all around the world.

Here is my page at the Washington Speakers Bureau, or you can contact Liz Rosas directly at lizr@washingtonspeakers.com

Things went absolutely beautifully. [She was] perfect and the audience loved her.
— US Tour Operators Association
Thank you again for your fantastic keynote address. So many guests came to us to share how inspired they were by the Peers Inc. concept, especially the (many!) entrepreneurs in the audience.
— Elena Mendez Escobar, Sloan Women in Management
She was spectacular!
— Jim Paugh, President, Worcester Economic Club